Cobb’s first gained a presence in South Africa in 1997, when Rainbow Farms’ first imported grandparent stock. The Cobb breed’s strengths and advantages quickly became apparent and over time, Rainbow moved to utilising the breed completely across all production regions.

The extent and strength of the Rainbow operation in South Africa resulted in the company being granted the status of sole representative of the Cobb breed in South Africa and so ‘Cobb South Africa’ was established in 2000. This alliance has delivered benefits to the entire South African poultry industry and provided access to considerable local and international technical support in the areas of breeding, broiler, nutrition, flock health, environmental control, processing and planning.

When Rainbow acquired Foodcorp in 2013, the consolidated entity was renamed RCL FOODS, and hence RCL FOODS is now the distributor of Cobb in South Africa. RCL FOODS is one of the largest food companies in South Africa housing a number of popular South African brands including Rainbow Chicken, Epol Feeds and Molatek to name a few.

Cobb South Africa operates from two large, modern grandparent units. The first is based in Carolina, in the Mpumalanga Province, where our new breeder and hatchery complex was inaugurated in late 2000. Due to the demand for the Cobb500 product, further investments were made and at the end of 2007 and a second production unit was opened at Mpongo Park, near East London. We now have two strategically located production units to meet demand throughout South and Southern Africa and to manage biological risk in the event of a major disease outbreak.

We aim to offer a better-quality breed of chicken to local poultry farmers, and our success in this endeavour has been unparalleled. It can largely be attributed to the high performance and consistency of the Cobb breed, which translates into exceptional meat yield, excellent appearance, uniformity and taste quality.

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