Broiler Performance – Winner – ANCA Plumtree (Theo Bezuidenhout, Kobus Barnard, Tony Isemonger, Wes Schwimmbacher)


The Annual Golden Comb function was started in 2004 as an effort to retrieve and keep track of Cobb product performance. The function aids as a platform to award farmers and our customers for achieving superior performance with our products.

Over the last two years, the awards were made to be more prestigious, only the two best broiler flocks and two best breeder flocks receive accolades. This year the awards went to Anca poultry’s Plumtree farm for best broiler performance, the runner-up in the same category was GFJ Oosthuizen producing for Grainfield chickens. Eagles Pride Hatchery’s Zandfontein farm was the winner in the best breeder performance and Lufafa Hatchery the runner-up.

We want to congratulate the winners on their brilliant performance.


Broiler Performance – Runner-Up – GFJ Oosthuizen (Theo Bezuidenhout, Kobus Barnard, Elna Oosthuizen, Wes Schwimmbacher)


Breeder Performance – Winner – Eagles Pride Hatchery Zandfontein (Theo Bezuidenhout, Kobus Barnard, Danie van den Berg, Wes Schwimmbacher)


Breeder Performance – Runner-Up – Lufafa Hatchery (Theo Bezuidenhout, Kobus Barnard, James Stewart, Wes Schwimmbacher)