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Our Mission

We’re passionate about the development, production, sale, and service of broiler breeding stock.
Our products provide safe, affordable, high-quality protein that feeds a growing world.

Our Values


We believe in treating each other and our customers like family. We communicate openly and respectfully and focus on the best possible result for each other and the company. We value the knowledge, skills, ideas and capabilities of every individual.


We believe doing the right thing is always the right choice. We’ve earned trust for more than a century by doing business honestly, ethically, legally, safely and sustainably. We keep our promises and take responsibility for our actions and results.


We believe creative thinking, curiosity and collaboration inspire the best business solutions and products. We prepare for and adapt to future trends and needs. We’re open-minded, welcome new ideas, encourage responsible risk-taking and embrace lifelong learning.

Being the Best

We believe in working hard and thinking customer-first. We give our best every day and set and achieve high standards in everything we do. We manage resources wisely and challenge ourselves to seek continuous improvement and new opportunities.

Who we are

Driven by integrity, innovation, and being the best – we treat each other and our customers like family.

From the farms and hatcheries to our corporate offices and everywhere in between, Cobb team members work hard and think customer-first. We’re passionate about the development, production, and sale of broiler breeding stock.

Our mission is simple and powerful: we make quality protein accessible, healthy and affordable worldwide. While we’ve grown a great deal in the last 103 years and distribute poultry in more than 120 countries, our culture remains rooted in its personal, small-company feel.