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Together we can do more

Cobb Carolina joined RCL foods “Together we can do more” #DoMore campaign in October. Canned food were collected to be given to less fortunate people. Every can, can make a difference in a person’s life.   Doctor Mthimunye maintenance artisan collected most cans individually. The Carolina team displayed their creative side in rearranging the cans … Read more

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South African News 

Cobb Celebrares Superior Performance

Broiler Performance – Winner – ANCA Plumtree (Theo Bezuidenhout, Kobus Barnard, Tony Isemonger, Wes Schwimmbacher)   The Annual Golden Comb function was started in 2004 as an effort to retrieve and keep track of Cobb product performance. The function aids as a platform to award farmers and our customers for achieving superior performance with our … Read more

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Upcoming Events 

25 Year Supplier Award

Cobb SA 25 year supplier award – (Pieter Oosthuysen, Wes Schwimmbacher, Tore Mercan, Mark Sams)   Cobb South Africa was acknowledged by Cobb Europe for being a distributor for 25 years during the recent Golden Comb Awards held during September at Brahman Hills in KZN.

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